What is big data?

 November 7th to 11th

Hey everyone! This week we are going to watch a video about “Big Data”. Have you heard of this? It is one of the most important business tools in use today. As always, after the video we have some questions for debate. Enjoy!

  1. How would you explain “big data” to a person who has never heard of it?
  2. What are the three V’s in big data? Why are they important for businesses?
  3. According to the video, what can you do to limit the amount of big data that you personally provide?
  4. What is your opinion about big data?
  5. How can it be “dangerous”?
  6. How can it bu useful?
  7. Make some predictions about how “big data” will be used 10 years from now.

IDIOM: as a last resort (expression): the final option if every other option fails

The doctor has a few options for treatment, and he will only do the surgery as a last resort                                                                    

You have all the resources that you need, but you can call me on my cell phone as a last resort.

As a last resort I’ll take my computer to the technician, but first I will try to troubleshoot it myself.

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