Border Wall?

Sky Languages Conversation Topic: Trump’s Border Wall

This is the first video of the new year! The American federal government is closed!  Why?  Because President Trump wants to build a wall along the Mexican border and congress doesn’t want to give him the money.  But, what is on the Mexican border?  Is it even possible to build a wall there? This video gives you an idea of what the border looks like.

As always, after the video you have the questions for civilized debate. Enjoy!

  1. Why does Trump want to build a wall?
  2. Who do you think supports him?  Why do they support him?
  3. How would you describe the Mexican/American border?
  4. Do you think it is possible to build a wall along the entire border?
  5. Do you think that building a wall would have an impact on illegal immigration? Explain.
  6. How would the “coyotes” (people who charge money to take immigrants across the border) adapt to the wall?
  7. If you could give Trump advice about the wall, what would you say?

IDIOM: to sit on the fence: (estar sentado en la valla), estar indeciso 


This is a difficult decision and I’m still sitting on the fence.
He never makes a decision, he sits on the fence on every issue.
The prospect is sitting on the fence.  Maybe if you buy him a new iPhone he will purchase the car!

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