The pay gap tax

 June 13th to 17th

Hey everyone! I hope that you are enjoying the heat! Summer is just around the corner and we have decided to heat things up in class as well with this week’s debate. Do women receive less money than men for the same work? If so, how can we fix this? Watch the video and debate!

  1. What is “the pay gap tax”?
  2. Do you think this is fair? Explain.
  3. Is this a good way to change the pay gap? Explain.
  4. Why do you think that genders are paid unequally?
  5. How do you think women would react if the “pay gap tax” were implemented in the company where you work? How would men react?

If you want to watch a debate about this topic you can see another short video here.

IDIOM: to have the upper hand (verb phrase): to have the power or an advantage over someone in a specific situation.

When we travel to England, my colleague has the upper hand because he speaks much better English than me.                                                                     

Our team had the upper hand after the other team’s best player was injured.

I had the upper hand in the situation because I had done all of the research and knew more about the problem than my competitor.

If you haven’t experienced the English Immersion courses in our Masia, check out this video!:

We are now doing Weekends! The next weekend is June 17th to the 19th. Have a look at our “Inglés Residencial” page or contact us!

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