Success in 8 Words-TED Talk

Sky Languages Conversation Topic: Success in 8 Words, TED Talk

Everybody wants to have success!  But, how do you achieve it?  In this TED Talk the speaker tells us the 8 words that can bring us success.  He has made over 500 interviews to bring us this valuable information.  What do you think?

As always, after the video you have the questions for civilized debate. Enjoy!

Go through each of the 8 words and talk about:

  1. What does this word mean?
  2. Do you agree with this?
  3. Do you follow this advice?
  4. Is it easy or difficult to do?  Why?
  5. How can we follow this advice?

IDIOM: to live beyond one’s means: vivir por encima de las posibilidades de uno 


He has no money saved, he has been living beyond his means for years.
The company can’t invest in the future if we live beyond our means now

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