Bad Customer Service

Sky Languages In-Company Homework

Customer service is important, right? Then why is it often so bad? I have had many bad experiences at restaurants, banks, stores and other businesses. Bad customer service is frustrating for the customers and isn’t very good for the business either. What do you think? Let’s watch this week’s video and talk about it! As always, after the video you have the questions for debate. Enjoy!

  1. What is the worst service that you have received as a customer? Did you tell anyone about it?
  2. What effect does bad service have on the company that gives it?
  3. Can we create a world of better customer service if we all make videos of our bad experiences? Is that fair?
  4. Have you ever recorded a bad service situation with your phone?
  5. Why do you think that people give us bad service?
  6. Do you think that customer service is worse in Spain than other countries? Why or why not?
  7. Have you ever given bad service? If so, was it deliberate?

IDIOM: To put (somebody) in the picture: to give somebody the information about a situation, or to give them the most updated information about that situation


We spent 5 minutes putting Emily in the picture because she arrived late to the meeting.
He said that it would be better to put me in the picture after he spoke with his boss.
Because Maria is so unbelievably busy, her secretary usually puts me in the picture about what is happening.

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