3 things that make us unhappy

Sky Languages In-Company Homework

Things that can make us unhappy. If we can identify certain things that make us unhappy, will that help us? What are some things that we do to make ourselves unhappy and how can we change them? Let’s watch this week’s video and talk about it! As always, after the video you have the questions for debate. Enjoy!

  1. What are the three things described in this video that can make us unhappy? Explain them each.
  2. What does the video mean by “to catastrophize”? How can we avoid it?
  3. Is it easier to be unhappy at night? Why or why not?
  4. What suggestions does the video offer to fight unhappiness?
  5. Does being unhappy affect your professional life? Explain.
  6. What advice would you give to a friend or colleague who is unhappy?

IDIOM: To take shape: (verb) to develop from an idea/plan into something more definite or tangible


Plans for the new car are taking shape although the finished product will not be exactly the same as the original design.
This construction project has been a very long process. We had many difficulties and problems, but finally it’s starting to take shape.
The change that I proposed to my boss a few months ago is finally taking shape.

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