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Sky Languages In-Company Homework This is the last video of the trimester! This topic is very trendy now and I think that it's great. I haven't tried any courses yet but when I do I will share what I learn…
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Hot Desking

Sky Languages In-Company Homework Do you have a desk at work? Do you have your personal pictures and other decoration there? In some companies this isn't easy because they use "Hot Desking". What is that? Let's watch this week's video…
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Personal Internet Security

Sky Languages In-Company Homework This week the "Wannacry" virus caused major problems for companies and individuals around the world. It also made a lot of people think about cyber-security. I know that I updated my virus program! Did you? The…
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3 things that make us unhappy

Sky Languages In-Company Homework Things that can make us unhappy. If we can identify certain things that make us unhappy, will that help us? What are some things that we do to make ourselves unhappy and how can we change…
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Bad Customer Service

Sky Languages In-Company Homework Customer service is important, right? Then why is it often so bad? I have had many bad experiences at restaurants, banks, stores and other businesses. Bad customer service is frustrating for the customers and isn't very…
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Your CV in 6 Seconds

Sky Languages In-Company Homework The other day somebody shared with me this image on linkedin: My first reaction was that this is an insult. I thought that it was amazing that the company had dismissed this person's CV after only…
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Bad Public Relations

Sky Languages In-Company Homework Public Relations Nightmare Have you seen the video of a man forced off a United Airlines flight because of overbooking? The incident was recorded by several passengers and the video has gone viral. Hundreds of thousands…
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The Litter App

Sky Languages In-Company Homework An App for litter Does your city have a problem with litter? I know that my city does! How can an App help? Let's watch the video and see what you think! As always, we have…
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